Keeping In Fashion Is An Ongoing Process

Since fashion trends are always changing, keeping in fashion is an ongoing process. Broadly speaking there are two aspects to keeping in fashion. The first is to know what is in fashion and the second is to acquire it. Different sections of society cope with these issues in different ways.

There are some people who do not care what is in fashion because they feel that they set the fashion. Movie stars wearing outrageous costumes to the Oscars or pop stars doing likewise on stage shows belong to this category. Often what they wear becomes the rage overnight with everybody trying to emulate them. Unfortunately this is a dwindling breed. So for the most part people have to find out what is in fashion from secondary sources.

This is not a problem because there is no dearth of information. There are magazines that tell one what is fashionable to wear, what is fashionable to eat, where one should go for a holiday if one wants to be in fashion, and even what one should be seen drinking on a Saturday afternoon at the club after a game of tennis. And there are magazines that tell us what is out of fashion. If one is not the print media type there are limitless web sites telling the same things. And in any event one cannot help but notice the Madison Avenue billboards dictating to people how they should lead their lives.

The problem is that obtaining what is in fashion costs a fortune, especially if one wants to be the first to have it. If one cannot splurge that much one has to wait a while for the first show to be over and the prices to come down. If one cannot splurge at all one has to settle for cheaper imitations and budget offers. Thus keeping in fashion is an activity that can be matched to suit ones pocket.

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Bright and Happy 1980s Fashion

When you think back to the 1980s they are many things that come to mind. There is something that is highlighted in our minds when we think back on the 1980s, and that is the 80s fashion.

It is very easy to recognize the fashion of the 1980s. This cannot be necessarily said of the fashion from the previous decades, because they share common elements that make them hard to distinguish from each other. It is safe to say that the 1980s fashion is in a completely distinct class of its own.

Even though one can still find boys that are wearing tube socks today, during the 1980s tube socks were the in thing to wear for girls and they wore it with almost any kind of outfit. However, just plain old tube socks were not enough during the 1980s. They had to be a ruffled to make the girls look really in step with fashion.

Movies played a huge part in influencing the 1980s fashion. Do you remember the movie Flashdance? That movie defined the new 1980s fashion look for young girls. Suddenly everyone had to wear large sweaters that exposed one shoulder with the gym bra strap exposed over the shoulder.

The girls also wore their hair in ponytails that sat on one side of the head.

Stonewashed jeans were the very big fashion item in the nineteen eighties. They had to be so skintight that you always wondered how people got into them in the first place. These jeans that were worn by men were accompanied by very colorful and decorative shirts or T-shirts.

Leg warmers were also very popular during the nineteen eighties. Once again, very well-known celebrities influenced the fashion choices of teenage girls through a music video that they made. Girls were wearing leg warmers with shorts, skirts, and many other types of pants.

As far as jewelry goes, one of the very popular items was the bracelet. And of course these could not be just any bracelets; they had to be flashy bangle bracelets. The more of these flashy bangles a girl could fit on her arm, the more hip she was.

The 1980s were truly a very colorful time. Remember the popular male fashion accessory, those very brightly colored shoelaces? Do you think anybody would dare wear them today without looking like a complete fool?

Hats decorated with flowers or other types of prints were also very popular during that time. That is one of the 1980s fashion trends that continued into the 90s.

Probably the one distinctive concept that would define 1980s fashion would be uniqueness.

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How Movies Have Influenced Fashion

There are people who want to look like movie stars and there are people who want to look like movie characters. You often hear people say, “Oh the girl in that movie was wearing this and this.” Who could ever forget the clothes worn by Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s or the iconic looks of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City? What people mostly take away from movies are the visuals and they would always take note of the clothes and the styles presented in the movie’s imagery.

Another factor in the film and fashion affair is the fact that all the great fashion designers take their references from movies, new and old. A specific example was the movie Avatar. After the movie screened in theaters, we saw a lot of Avatar-inspired themes both in catwalks and in fashion editorials. Although the influence may be subtle and not apparent right off the bat, it is however, undeniable. A movie will create a vision, a palette of colors, a texture and this is how movies are consumed by fashion designers. These adaptations of movies into clothes existed way back from the 70s and 80s and it is a practice designers like to constantly pull at for inspiration.

But it’s not just the big design houses that do this, mainstream clothing companies and stores are also aware of the impact of movies have among consumers and has long since capitalized on this. Every time a major movie comes out, it will always find its way in smaller shops selling merchandise with the movie’s theme. When Twilight was released, we saw an upsurge of the gothic and glam trend along with hoodies and wolves. Les Miserable brought back the long, flowing skirts paired with boots. Another recent example, The Great Gatsby showed us the glamour and the elegance of hem dresses made with delicate fabrics.

And let us not forget television. Like mentioned above Sex And The City was a successful TV show that had viewers anticipating for what the characters will be wearing next. Gossip Girl was a show that featured elite teenage girls wearing the most exquisite clothes a common girl can only desire to have. Much like the movies, these shows have created a desire in their viewers to look like the characters and manufacturers have responded to this desire by selling clothes from the show by the racks.

As long as movies are being made and people are watching it, films will continue to be a driving force in the world of fashion. So in order to predict what will be trending next, watch fashion movie online and see how the public’s taste is being shaped and formed as we speak.

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Fashion Movie Review – Fashion Does Not Live Up to the Hype!

In Fashion, Priyanka Chopra plays Meghna Mathur who dreams of becoming a super model. Though her conscience does not allow, she beats her small town sensibilities in her urge to become the show stopper. She meets up with a gay friend who connects her to a fashion designer. In the process of her struggle, she meets her model friend played by Arjan Bawa. Priyanka moves in to his place, they end up making love and finally moving out of each other, because Priyanka spends more time with Arbaaz Khan, owner of the brand Panache, for which she is given a lucrative assignment. The Panache assignment which Priyanka gets is the one which was represented by Kangana Ranaut. She is terminated by Arbaaz Khan who puts his favorite Priyanka Chopra instead. He impregnates her and when Priyanka embarrasses Arbaaz in front of his wife, he pulls her down the modeling career. Meanwhile a drug addict Kangana Ranaut being thrown out of the modeling world, dives herself full into cocaine and drug abuse, and becomes mad(similar to the real life story of Geetanjali). Priyanka too cannot handle her success and her termination from Panache, and takes refuge to drugs and spends night with a stranger. She is about to lose her sanity when she sees Kangana Ranaut, in the news and takes the responsibility of taking care of her. Meanwhile there is also a side plot of a gay designer(Sameer Soni) who is married to model Mughda Godse out of societal pressures

Plus points and best scenes of Fashion: Couples of scenes including the wardrobe malfunction and Priyanka Chopra’s addiction to booze, drugs and her one night stand was well shown. Only that stretch of scenes carried some impact. The performances of Kangana Ranaut, Mughda Godse and most essentially Priyanka Chopra were the icing on the tasteless cake.

Minus points of Fashion: Fashion does not quite live upto the hype. There was so much Madhur Bhandarkar could have done to the film. The shock value which he usually puts in his movies like Chandni Bar, Corporate and Page 3 is not there. Instead, the first half looks like a mundane, boring rehash of Page 3. In the end, we have Kangana Ranaut’s character dying due to drug abuse and Priyanka Chopra facing an unfortunate dilemma between walking the ramp and crying for Kangana. However the remorse cannot be felt, due to lack of any ‘chemistry’ or ‘moments’ between Kangana Ranaut or Priyanka Chopra. There should have been more scenes or moments of gratitude between Kangana and Priyanka to have made the impact felt. Secondly, a movie like Fashion could have touched a lot of topics like hidden cameras, the behind the scenes frustration and gimmick, MMS controversies, the sleaze etc. You feel there is much more in the fashion world which has been kept under wraps and not explored fully, at least to the caliber of what a Madhur Bhandarkar movie gives. Lastly, those gay scenes and gay sequences do not really impress.

Best performances of Fashion: Mughda Godse got bad dialogues but she showed that she is no novice when it comes to a good performance. Kangana Ranaut, shows that she is one person who can get into the skin of the character and raised the bar with a superb performance. But the movie Fashion belongs to Priyanka Chopra; she is in the screen 90 percent of the time, and almost every time she has impressed. Priyanka Chopra has given her career best performance in Fashion and I daresay, an award winning performance. Priyanka Chopra has conveyed the right expressions of reluctance, regret, vanity, confusion, sorrow, happiness, ecstasy and arrogance with remarkable ease in Fashion. This conveys the fact that Priyanka Chopra is a director’s actress. If she can give a bad performance like she did in Love Story 2050 and Krissh, Priyanka Chopra can also perform like a veteran as she did in Aitraaz and Fashion.

Final sentence on Fashion: Fashion could have been better researched and better documented, it is only the performances which save the day in lack luster movie-Fashion.

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John Deere Boots – Rugged Fashion

It all started with the basic style worn by the working cowboy in the late 1800s. That basic style evolved to be what we now call western fashion. In the modern fashion today, not only the rodeo athletes use this western fashion but also a lot of fashionable movie stars and just about everyone. Modern boots, such as John Deere boots, have surely modified the basic western style but they still reflect the life and fashion in the past. That is why every American man should be proud to own a pair of boots as it indicates owning a piece of history.

For those who like to rough it out in the wild, a pair of sturdy boots is a must-have in their adventure gear. Not only will these boots make them stand out with its stylish match with other outfit but they will also ensure the protection and comfort of the outdoorsy guys’ feet. Finding the right boots is not like shopping for any clothing item. Choosing a trusted brand can you’re your money and time having the right item. Since 1837, John Deere boots has started a long history of manufacturing sturdy shoes that can survive a rough working environment. It has evolved as a foot wear favorite that is known for its quality and brand appeal.

Bikers, cowboys, ranchers, loggers, trekkers and miners only choose those boots that are time tested for durability in rugged environments. Through its long history, John Deere boots have proven not just its durability but also the comfort that they offer to boot wearers. Though most outdoorsy people are known to be tough men, there is a wide variety of boots offered to women and children and a variety of sizes, from infant to adult. Women and children may sound fragile but they also look great being ruggedly fashionable with boots. These boots are not only for those who are working but for everyone who wants to add a touch of Wild West to his or her fashion statement.

To ensure that the boots can endure the toughness of rugged activities outdoors, the John Deere boots are made of leather that has undergone barnyard acid resisting treatment. This treatment made the boots three times tougher and longer lasting than other ordinary leather. The construction of these boots also feature premium welt category with a mid-sole that absorbs shocks and an outsole made of string rubber. With this, the boot wearers are sure that their boots offer maximum protection and safety because the boots are waterproof and very comfortable.

If you want to be rugged or just fashionable or even both, wearing boots can add to your confidence. Whether you rough it out in the wild or just simply strut around, wearing boots are surely fantastic. Having the best ones make every boot wearer look rugged and fashionable at the same time. The name John Deere boots is trusted by bikers, cowboys, ranchers, loggers, trekkers and miners. These boots offer maximum comfort, protection, fashion, and durability.

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Do Addicts Really Recover?

In my line of work as addiction professional, I’m often asked “Do people with addiction get better?” The question may sound simple but it’s not really that simple. There are so many facets to addiction. The chemicals are but one aspect. There also are the addict’s personality attributes, attitudes, lifestyle, and values – all contributing and feeding the addiction syndrome. For most people, the obsession by the addict to consume chemicals is the most salient aspect of addiction. This becomes their focus of attention when asking the question, “Do addicts really recover?” Meaning can they give up drugs and become “normal” people again?

After a closer look at addiction, one begins to realize that the chemical abuse is intimately tied to the person’s mental health, lifestyle, and personal values. For example, it is hard to ignore an addict’s criminal activities related to supporting his drug habit or an alcoholic’s scheming and manipulating behavior to hide his alcoholism when the addicted or alcoholic is trying to pursue “recovery.” Can people “recover” from addiction and still carry on with these criminal or anti-social inclinations? What are the chances of a recovering person remaining abstinent while continuing to sell drugs or maintaining his connection with friends who are involved in criminal activities? Can a recovering alcoholic remain sober while bar-tending?

My point is that there is a “quality of life” a recovering addict or alcoholic must maintain to achieve a certain level of healthy living. For some this may mean pursuing counseling or following medication regime to control psychiatric symptoms. For others, a complete lifestyle change may be necessary to re-align personal priorities and internalize pro-social values. With addiction, old associations — people, places, and things – can easily trigger a relapse to old “bad habits.” There is a common belief among recovering persons that “picking-up” drugs or any substances is the last step in the relapse process. Long before the actual substance use, the person has already relapsed in his thinking – reflected in noticeable changes in attitude, values, and over-all behavior.

To go back to the original question: “Do addicts really recover?” The answer is a relative yes. For some who consider their addiction as a disorder of the whole person and take a holistic view of recovery, they aspire more than giving up the chemicals to include a reinvention of themselves, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. Others are content with minimizing the harmful effects of illicit drug use but still resort to alcohol use. Still others give up drugs but continue to have dysfunctional patterns of coping or residual manifestations of personality disorders.

Do Addicts Really Recover?
Dr. Fernando B. Perfas

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How Nicotine Test Helps Employers to Establish Smoke-Free Workplace

Nicotine abuse is an issue affecting the profitability of businesses and the environment at workplaces. Employers are insisting on measures that will help them make the workplaces free from smoking of tobacco so as to make their businesses more productive.

Employers in US imposing ban on smokers:

Increasing numbers of employers in US are rejecting the applications of candidates who smoke. They are abiding by the laws framed by the government for the purpose and are not hiring who they find to be smokers. To know whether the prospective hired is smoker, they conduct tests. Those who are found positive for smoking are not offered employment.

Nicotine test helps them to detect smokers – instantly:

Employers apply different techniques to tackle the issue of smoking. These include testing for tobacco (nicotine) by different methods. These tests are helpful to identify if the applicant really smokes tobacco or not. Generally, a nicotine test can be conducted using urine, saliva or hair follicle samples. Employers use any or a combination of these techniques.

Benefits of establishing smoke-free environment:

A smoke-free environment improves productivity of the employees and reduces health insurance costs. Employers find smoke-free workplace beneficial on the following grounds.

Increased productive hours:

A no-smoking environment results in higher number of productive hours than in a smoking permitted one. Employees not used to smoking concentrate better on work and hence there is greater number of productive hours. They are healthy and take few sick leaves.

Whereas, smoking employees take unauthorized breaks to smoke, which is waste of productive time.

Healthy atmosphere:

As healthy employees are more focused on productivity, there is cordial relation between employees as well as employers. Such workplaces boost the employees’ morale and work potential and encourage talented workforce to work for more number of hours. Employers too reciprocate and get prompted to take positive action on any issue.

Shows professional approach of the business:

A smoke-free workplace, places the employer’s image in a positive view among the employees, peers, government, and social groups. The welfare measures taken serve as an example for professional approach taken by the employer. This will enhance mutual trust between the employer and employees.

Reduces healthcare costs:

Following a no-smoking policy at workplace would result in less healthcare costs. This is because, the employees are healthy and need lower health maintenance expenses – be it insurance premium or medical emergencies. These factors are known to cause increased medical expenses to employers in case of employees habituated to smoking. Studies show that, post non-smoking policy there is remarkable decline in the tobacco caused heart attacks, making current smokers to quit (Source: Forbes, 12 June, 2016).

Taking up nicotine tests to enforce a smoking-free environment at workplace is beneficial. The measures, of course, entail costs to the employers.

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Which Is the Most Difficult Drug to Detox From?

The hardest drugs to detox from depend on your perspective. If by “difficult” you’re referring to the severity of dangerous medical symptoms that occur during withdrawal, then the obvious answer is alcohol and benzodiazepine. Both of these drugs could kill you during detox. But if you’re referring to the severity of emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms that affect a person during drug detox, then most addicts will agree that opiates are the most difficult; especially opiates like Methadone that are designed to help wean an addict from other opiates like heroin.

The Most Difficult Drugs to Withdraw/Detox From: Medical Reasons

The following substances prove especially challenging for many addicts to withdraw from considering the serious medical risks of doing so: Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines and Alcohol. The withdrawal process has been known to cause life-threatening complications in some people. This includes pulmonary and cardiovascular distress, respiratory depression, grand mal seizures, delirium tremens, hallucinations, coma and death.

Fortunately, death is rare but nevertheless the fact that it is possible creates a deterrent to treatment for some addicts. In most cases the risks of withdrawing from these substances can be mitigated by attending detox in a professional medical setting where healthcare practitioners and addiction experts can observe the detox process and respond immediately in case of any complications.

The Most Difficult Drugs to Withdraw/Detox From: Emotional Reasons

Thousands of years before the birth of Christ, the first annals of history were recorded by the ancient Sumerians. Translations of stone etchings show that these early peoples farmed and used opium extensively. In fact, their word for the plant can be translated to “Joy;” an apt description considering the widespread abuse of opium for the next several thousand years. By nearly all accounts, the euphoric high obtained by using opium is the highest feeling of joy most addicts have ever felt. But herein lays the problem.

When a person uses an opiate like heroin or Oxycontin to get high, they rapidly build up a tolerance not only to the drug, but also to euphoria. This means that it becomes more and more difficult to obtain the same euphoric effect with the same amount of opiates, so in nearly all cases users continually increase their dosages – some to the point of overdose and death. But in general the central nervous system becomes more and more desensitized to stimulus that would normally cause feeling of joy or euphoria. In fact, the opposite often occurs, resulting in a state known as Dysphoria; the opposite of euphoria.

Dysphoria is a severe problem for people who are detoxing/withdrawing from opiates because after the stop using the drug they often find it difficult or impossible to find joy or happiness in anything. This causes severe bouts of depression, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness and unexplained misery, terrible sadness and overwhelming inadequacy and loneliness; even in the presence of others. These emotional and spiritual symptoms drive many people in the early stages of recovery to return to drug use in order to self-medicate their general state of dysphoria.

Opiates Used to Treat Addiction to Other Opiates

Many addicts report and anecdotal evidence suggests that withdrawing and detoxing from opiates that are used to treat addiction to other opiates is a severe and extremely challenging process. The reasons for this are not understood, but it’s possible that because most opiate treatment drugs like methadone block the release of dopamine, addicts do not obtain a euphoric effect, even though they are spared the normal symptoms of withdrawal (essentially because methadone maintenance merely prolongs the addictive process.)

Support forums on group sharing often results in addicts advising each other NOT to go on an opiate maintenance program and to tough out the initial stages of a more “pure” withdrawal instead. Therefore, it could be argued that detoxing from opiate maintenance drugs is the most difficult type of detox to undergo.

The Kindling Effect

Regardless of the substance, the Kindling Effect can make detox and withdrawal an absolute nightmare; especially if the addict in question has relapsed repeatedly in their lifetime. The concept of Kindling is that with each progressive relapse and subsequent withdrawal, the brain and central nervous system become more highly sensitized (or highly desensitized) to drug abuse and the feelings it creates. As a result withdrawal symptoms are much more severe and potentially dangerous for these individuals than for others.

Ultimately, the most challenging detox is the one you’re about to go through. Taking that first step is extraordinarily difficult regardless of what drug you use and how long and hard you’ve been using it. But the reality of the situation is that left unabated the consequences of continued active addiction are in every instance more severe and potentially life-changing that the actual process of withdrawal and detox, which usually takes 10 days or less for most people.

If you or someone you love is fighting addiction, the most valuable weapon you can give them is action. Do it now; get help, get a free consultation, and take the first step before it’s too late to move forward at all.

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7 Habits of an Addict About to Relapse

Many addicts in recovery that are nearing a relapse episode exhibit predictable and identifiable habits and behaviors before the actual relapse occurs. Recognition of these habits is critical in order for people in recovery and their loved ones to take decisive and immediate action to prevent the relapse. This is especially important considering the potential consequences of each new relapse episode: prison, violence, bankruptcy, death. Relapse prevention isn’t just about stopping someone from using again; it’s about saving a life.

The following are 7 behaviors that many addicts exhibit prior to and/or during the early stages of a relapse:

1.) Withdrawal/Isolation

A person in recovery who is on the verge of relapse will likely become withdrawn and purposefully isolate other people around them. This is particularly true of people that will not support or condone a return to drug use or drinking. This could be evidenced by spending less time with family members, staying out later at night than normal or not coming home, and by seeming withdrawn and quiet when others are present.

2.) Decline in Hygiene/Productivity

There is often a lack of care and concern when a relapse is imminent. Meaning, less attention is paid to personal hygiene details, exercise programs are abandoned, employment or educational inefficiencies or neglect occurs, and regular household upkeep suffers. These are all common signs of an addict who is beginning to care less and less about trying to maintain a legitimate lifestyle.

3.) Glorification of Substance Abuse

An addict that is unhappy with or neglectful of their recovery will often yearn for the days when they used drugs or drank. They may talk about using and relive their past drug use in the form of stories, anecdotes and comments that make it clear that they miss those times, despite the severe consequences they suffered as a result. (Levels of Relapse Warning Signs, T. Gorski)

4.) Reconnecting

An early warning of relapse is when a person in recovery begins to reconnect with friends or acquaintances they used drugs or drank with. This refers mainly to individuals who are potentially still using drugs or those who do not support recovery/sobriety. These reconnections are especially troubling when the person in question has withdrawn from people that DO support their recovery.

5.) Engaging in Risky Behavior

An addict in recovery that is about to relapse will often exhibit abnormally risky behavior. This could include extreme sports or other athletic activities, promiscuity, excessive speeding and other dangerous activities. Engaging in behaviors such as these fills a certain need for excitement and euphoria, but for most addicts in recovery the only euphoria that will satiate them is a return to their drug of choice.

6.) Secretive

As people in recovery get closer to relapse, they sometimes become secretive; carefully guarding their phone or computer, remaining tight-lipped concerning where they go, who they’re with, etc. Often at this stage the relapse has already begun and secrecy is required in order to conceal it.

7.) Abandoning Treatment

Addicts in recovery usually engage in some type of ongoing treatment as part of a relapse prevention program. This can take many forms, but when people in recovery are nearing a relapse episode, they often abandon these types of treatment with little explanation. When combined with any or all of the behaviors outlined above, it’s likely that for these people, relapse is imminent. (Carole Bennett, M.A. 6 Common Relapse Triggers

If you recognize these signs in yourself or someone you love who is in recovery, taking swift action is critical. This should begin by addressing the issue directly with the individual, and escalate to involve the person’s support network, treatment specialists and if needed, an interventionist.

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Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N Roll: The Real Story

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll is a common dream that few will know; but many try and so the story goes, that there’s riches there in the backstage glow. But looking in subjectively, one must put down the cell phone, the remote and the Wii, for things in the spotlight are never what they seem- when it comes to the combination of these infamous three.

It’s a tempting image we’ve too often seen; fans by the millions who clamor and scream; for a glimpse, just a touch or a kiss on the cheek; there’s no shortage of groupies and their big rock-star dreams. So backstage they go to embrace beneath the sheets; neither star nor fan knowing if the other is clean. Just ask Freddy Mercury of Queen or the legend Easy E, or ponder the math of promiscuity. The more sex one has the more threats one will see; the chances for most are about 1 in 3.

Of course, the risk is increased when one factors in drugs, which diminish good judgment and moral aplomb. To this many a rock star can certainly attest, with unwanted pregnancies, herpes, syphilis and the rest.

But if the threat of disease isn’t enough, consider the sexual dysfunction that could be caused by drugs; with repeated use the good feelings fade – until sex feels like nothing and relationships become strained. Then all that’s left is to get high and play; but the music, like sex, is empty and grey.

This is the way so many rock stars go; they hide in the weed, the booze and the coke. They wait for salvation in the fame or the dough, but round and round with the drugs they still go. It’s a tired old story with so many names, of rock ‘n roll legends this disease has claimed;

Janis Joplin overdosed on heroin and Hendrix choked on his own puke – while passed out and delirious on ‘barbs and on booze. John Bonham from Led Zeppelin would likewise follow suit, and choke on his vomit after 40 shots of booze. Jay Bennett, from Wilco; lost to overdose, not long after Wes Berggren from Tripping Daisy died from cocaine and ‘benzos.

Steve Clark from Def Leppard, Kevin DuBrow from Quiet Riot, both died far too young from a cocaine-based diet. Slipknot’s Paul Grey died from morphine and pills, while Sublime lost their front-man to a heroin thrill. It was heroin too, that took Kurt Cobain and bassist friend Pfaff; the loss to the grunge scene marred its future and past.

Some groups have lost more than one member to the scourge of addiction, the call of drug abuse – The Pretenders, The Grateful Dead, Alice in Chains and The Who – were all scarred forever when their deaths numbered 2. But it’s not a problem isolated to just these few; The Temptations, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, Blues Traveler, Weezer, Mad Season, Avenged Sevenfold and Red Hot Chili Peppers all lost members too.

So it’s clear to the people and plainly we must see, that the image of fame is not presented impartially. And though the story won’t change and it’s long as it goes, there’s still the allure of Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll.

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